I just want to say few words about that thing, what is happening in Ukraine. Briefly said, three Ukrainian ships were captured by Russia. There are many excuses and explanations on both sides. The internet is full of information and fake information and it’s difficult to find out what is true and what is not. We should focus only on those important things. Let’s do that.
So imagine, that you have proper state, with borders and with international pacts. State that was accepted by all other countries in the world as independent state with all standard rights. That’s Ukraine. So we have Ukraine. Great. And now, there is another country. The bigger one, the mightier with a huge influence in the world. Country with the leader, whom a lot of people is afraid of and is adoring at the same moment. That’s Russia. Everything is going quite well, both countries live next to each other without big conflicts. But one day…This sounds quite simple, I’m sure nothing like this can happen suddenly in one day, most probably it was long-term planning. The point is, that for the most of the world it could looks like sudden thing. What happened then? Russian president have decided, that certain part of Ukraine should become a new part of Russia. Name of this part is Crimea. Of course it wasn’t done so straight. There was a lot of fake news, or alternative news if you like that more.
Was a bit misty, people were saying many different stories. At first, that U.S. army is already in Crimea and that was the main reason of Russian invasion. But I really like other explanation/excuse of this invasion. Many people were saying and they are still convinced about it, that Russia had right to take Crimea from Ukraine. The reason for that right is historical fact, that Crimea used to be Russian. Fine, this could be a motivation and excuse for other countries. Leaders of many countries could say to other leaders of other countries: “We used to own your province, so now we gonna take it back. Who cares about borders and peace treaties.”
After a while people stopped talking about Crimea. Somehow we got used to this situation. It was easier to think and say something like: “Russia is different, they took, what thew wanted, standard rules won’t stop them. But it stopped with Crimea.” Did it? Really? And what about that three ships and Ukrainian sailors? What really happened? Again, don’t look at those various reasons and excused why it happened and who had a right to do what. Let’s see the final result. Who is an aggressor and who is a victim here. Did Ukraine captured Russians? Nope. It happened in other way. And that’s the main fact. It’s final result. And I’m not sure this is the end of that thing with Russia. And I’m scared…